Simon Pearsall

Award winning cartoonist and illustrator



My cartoons appeared in various magazines including Private Eye, The Spectator, The New Statesman and The Oldie. I have a regular cartoon, "First Drafts" which has been running in Private Eye on the Literary review page since 2002. I have also drawn various regular strips including "The Gravy Trainer" and "Gym and Tonic".

I have twenty years experience working in the corporate and business sector and have supplied cartoons for presentations, events and in-house publications

Drawing at conferences – capturing the key points, highlighting issues and distilling complex ideas into punchy visuals – is something that I have been doing more and more of over the last ten years (clients include KPMG, Microsoft, HRA Pharma, Boxwood and Llloyds).

Delegates often take photos of the illustrations to show their teams and the cartoons are also used in the follow-up material after the event.

Commissions – frequently people commission me on the spot to do further work for future and ongoing projects. As an ex actor and stand-up I am very comfortable to get up and talk the room through what I've done but also very happy to take a back seat and scribble away.

I work fast and can guarantee a speedy turnaround. Prices vary according to the nature of the project. Please get in touch to discuss.


And in the meantime, have a look around and enjoy the site.

I look forward to hearing from you…



"Simon's cartoons are in our training material, in our live events, on our website and on our office walls. His cartoons make me laugh and think – a powerful combination in a training environment.”
Andy Powrie
AKT Productions